As a photographer, I always dream to take pictures in new places especially in various tourism destinations. This dream comes to reality when I received an email about photo shooting a villa in Lembongan Island. Personally  I feel like holiday is just about to start! I love my job so much!!!!!

The villa we’re going to shoot is called villa Bukit Lembongan. Due to ensure everything runs smoothly, they provide fast boat to transport us from Bali to Lembongan. Everything went just as it’s planned. 30 minutes ride to Lembongan island felt like flying on the ocean. After port, we took our luggage full of equipment down where a staff from villa Bukit Lembongan welcome us with a warm smile 🙂


Jungut Batu Harbour Nusa Lembongan view from the hills


Fast boat take us from Bali to Lembongan island

Settled down in villa Bukit Lembongan, we realized that the villa is blessed with beautiful surroundings.  Lucky for us the sky was quite clear so that we’re able to see the Mount Agung. Villa Bukit Lembongan is a traditionally designed Balinese villa located on the forested slopes of the island. We can enjoy the 180 degree panoramic views overlooking the Badung Straight towards the majestic Mt Agung and the mainland of Bali.

----- Villa Bukit Lembongan (1)

—– Villa Bukit Lembongan (1)

----- Villa Bukit Lembongan (2)

—– Villa Bukit Lembongan (2)

Now, it’s free time!!! As our photo shooting schedule will start the next day, let’s explore this small paradise! My team ( TJ & Gede ) rent scooter from the villa staff, and they give us 2 scooters. Didn’t plan where to go, we’re just following where the wind blows. Riding the scooters to the south, pass the forest through hilly roads, and finally we find an exotic view.



Devil’s Tear


Devil’s Tear

Agus Darmika :)

Agus Darmika

----- My bro TJ

—– My bro TJ

We don’t  know exactly what’s the name of this beautiful place  where you can see an exotic Indian ocean with reef as a foreground.

Our journey continued to the village of Jungut Batu. Upon a short conversation with the locals, we knew that the majority income of Jungut Batu is from seaweed farming.


Lembongan island kids


Dream beach Lembongan island


Seaweed farmer Nusa Lembongan island


Seaweed farmer Nusa Lembongan island


Seaweed farmer Nusa Lembongan island


Seaweed farmer Nusa Lembongan island


Seaweed farmer Nusa Lembongan island


Smile, Seaweed farmer Nusa Lembongan island


activities Seaweed farmer Nusa Lembongan island


Seaweed farmer Nusa Lembongan island


Local dog Nusa Lembongan island


Traditional boat Lembongan island


Jungut Batu harbour Lembongan island

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